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    Studea - A digital booklet for work-linked training.
    An intuitive software, created and designed for the actors of apprenticeship.
    A digital booklet for the follow-up and success of the apprentice.

Are you a training provider seeking to switch to digital booklet?

What is Studea?

Studea is a software enabling the monitoring and evaluation of apprentices by a group web interface that can be accessed at any time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The online platform strengthens and revitalises the links between the three-party group: the apprentice, the employer and the training provider.

You gain a real-time view of the progress made in the assignments carried out by the apprentice and the skills acquired by them, both in the company and at the training provider.

A user-friendly questionnaire creation tool enables the training provider to easily create as many questionnaires as they need. These will then be accessible by the three-party group, who can go on to complete and sign them.

Studea has a wealth of other features, such as skills monitoring, attendance management, the generation of report cards and more.

The Parties Involved

Training Provider

The training provider customises the software to suit its needs and monitors all the training courses through the use of special dashboards.


The apprentice logs in to Studea to complete the questionnaires about their work in the company and their course taken in the training provider.


The employer monitors and assesses the progress of the assignments carried out and the skills acquired by the apprentice in real time.

Teaching tutor

The teaching tutor supervises the apprentice and completes their inspection reports online.


13 years

The roll-out of Studea for more than a decade has enabled us to continuously improve the platform and to be as close as possible to the work-study players.

100 training providers

Studea can be configured to suit the needs of any training organisation. It can be adapted to an agricultural training centre every bit as well as to a business school or a university - to diplomas ranging from below baccalaureat up to postgraduate level.

Compliant with the changes made to the Labour Code and GDPR

Studea is designed to meet the legal obligations of the Labour Code in terms of monitoring and assessing apprentices. The platform also meets French CNIL data privacy requirements and GDPR.


Responsive web technology

Studea is SaaS software programmed in PHP under the Symfony 3 framework that adapts to all types of devices.

Link up with the training provider's IT environment

Studea connects with other management platforms using an API (Ypareo, Uni'Service, CV Designer, etc...) and offers data imports in various file formats.

New features are regularly developed

As soon as a new module is developed for a training centre, it automatically becomes available on other platforms. The last module to have been released provides online file management for B licence financial assistance.


Strengthening the links between the three-party group

Studea enables close coordination between the two bodies involved in training - the education establishment and the company. Full information is readily presented to both the tutor and the company mentor, ensuring a comprehensive level of monitoring over the apprentice.


Each Studea user has their own personal profile and dashboard. The ergonomic interface is designed to be easy to use.

Prices available on a sliding scale depending on the number of students/trainees

After a basic cost of €2500 for setting up and customising the platform to your needs, the monthly cost of Studea varies between €0.65 and €0.99 per apprentice, based on 8 different bands of student numbers.


Secure account management

The storage and operation of the databases is provided by a secure system guaranteeing data privacy, the authenticity of signatures and certificates, as well as the automated renewal of usernames and passwords on request.

Data hosted in France

All data collected and stored in Studea is hosted in France.

Qualiopi certification

Studea, a tool to facilitate the Qualiopi certification.

Studea is used by 2 4 6   3 1 9 users.

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