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Why choose STUDEA?



A project and development team in close contact with those involved in work-study programs.



Since its creation, the platform has undergone continuous improvement in line with needs in the field and regulatory developments.



Digital booklet accessible and adaptable to all types and sizes of training center.



Regular legal watch to meet RGPD requirements and ensure maximum data security.

The players in the work-study program

A winning trio for a
successful alternance



  • Self-assessment of business skills and completion of questionnaires
  • Validate the stages of your training program
  • Communicate with your CFA and apprenticeship master


  • Customize booklets to suit your needs
  • Supervise booklets via dashboards and indicators
  • The training consultant assesses skills and completes visit reports
Apprenticeship master

Apprenticeship master

  • Follows the progress of your alternant thanks to quick and intuitive access to the workbook
  • Evaluates the skills acquired by work-study students during their time with the company
  • Checks apprentice attendance and communicates with the teaching team via the platform.
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The STUDEA digital booklet in 2 minutes!

Discover the user interface in this short video, which details the different blocks of a booklet's home page.


The mobile application

Make it easy for yourself to access the digital booklet by downloading the application, available for all 3 users in the trinomial.

Click on the link corresponding to your device or scan the qrcode with your device

The user ID and password are exactly the same as on the web version.
1st version of the application not accessible to booklet-loaded profiles.

Mobile phone
Mobile application - Login
Mobile application - Home
Mobile application - Documents
Mobile application - Formulars
Mobile application - Courses
Mobile application - Timetable
Mobile application - Menu
Mobile application - Tabs
STUDEA support

Some user feedback

Laurent J. - Technical and Functional Coordinator
Laurent J.
Technical and Functional Coordinator

“Since the start of the 2022 academic year, I've been managing the STUDEA platform at the University of Burgundy.
This solution, chosen after studying various alternatives, has enabled us to manage the deployment of work-study books for our apprentices.
We were able to secure the relationship between the "apprentice-teacher-apprenticeship master" trio.
It's a system that's easy to use, scalable and reliable, according to the feedback we've received from various users.”

Justine D.
Student - ESC Clermont Business School

“STUDEA has enabled me to facilitate communication between my apprenticeship master and my school tutor. my school tutor. Exchanges have been simplified and centralized on the platform which means I can access it easily and fill in my apprenticeship booklet at any time during my contract. at any time during my contract.”

Isabelle M.
Apprenticeship master at FormaSup Auvergne

“"STUDEA is an easy-to-use, highly effective tool. It makes it easy to exchange information with your apprentice and teaching tutor, so you always have a link. It gives you the opportunity to see how your apprentice is progressing, and to have his or her vision and feelings about the year."”

Océane P.
Administration department at FormaSup

“STUDEA is a very useful pedagogical tool that has enabled our CFA to digitize all the booklets for our 100 training courses. Practical and easy to use, our booklets are quickly set up and digitized. The booklet enables us to intervene more quickly and efficiently with all those involved in the apprenticeship contract.”

Pierre C.
Training Manager at IAE Auvergne

“"As head of the human resources management program at IAE Clermont Auvergne, I use the STUDEA tool for all my training courses. This tool makes it easy to inform and assess apprentices within a secure framework accessible in real time by all stakeholders - professional tutors, academics and students. It's an indispensable teaching tool.”

Antoine B. - Responsable qualité
Antoine B.
Responsable qualité

“L'utilisation du module d'inscription STUDEA a permis de fluidifier et de fiabiliser l'ensemble des données relatives à l'instruction du contrat.
Le déploiement du livret électronique de l'apprenti a permis de cadrer la relation du trinôme tuteur, maître d'apprentissage, apprenti à travers une plateforme ergonomique, facile d'accès et d'utilisation.
L'ensemble des utilisateurs de STUDEA plébiscitent cet outil qui facilite la saisie et le traitement des données de l'apprentissage.”

Emmanuelle L. - Responsable administrative - Université de Nanterre
Emmanuelle L.
Responsable administrative - Université de Nanterre

“Cette solution a été adoptée par notre conseil d'administration afin de nous permettre d'instruire nos contrats d'alternance de façon dématérialisée et de suivre nos apprentis tout au long de l'année grâce au livret numérique de l'alternant. STUDEA renforce et sécurise le lien entre l'apprenti, le tuteur pédagogique et le maître d'apprentissage.
Cette application a été adoptée rapidement par nos enseignants, nos apprentis et notre équipe.”


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