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Setting up the tool

2,500€, including €500 training, to set up the tool, create the domain and customize it using your graphic charter

Formation admin

Training admin

Once the contract has been signed, we will propose training dates, two blocks of two hours each, to train three directors.

Mise en place de l'outil

Billing follow-up

Track the number of apprentices invoiced by STUDEA via an Excel export via the platform. Adjust and track in real time.


Our monthly rates per apprentice

*Only active apprentices in a promotion are billed.
Up to 1000,99€
Up to 2000,97€
Up to 3000,93€
Up to 5000,85€
Up to 10000,80€
Up to 15000,75€
Up to 20000,70€
Up to 30000,65€
more than 3000Contact us
Contact +33 7 60 66 06 26