STUDEA support


Evaluations, visit reports or satisfaction surveys, customize the forms and questionnaires to be validated according to the needs of each training manager.

Skills management

Easily assess and validate the apprentice's skills development following self-assessment. Automatic retrieval of skills referencing via the France Compétences open source database.

Absence management

Enter and track apprentice absences and work-study schedules online. Automate the creation and dispatch of monthly attendance statements.

Document exchange

Online filing and document sharing between users.


Enable your teachers to upload their course materials online.


Easily retrieve data compiled in percentages from various satisfaction surveys.


Enable trinomials to communicate with each other on the platform, and give training managers the opportunity to disseminate information.

Report card

Generate and export report cards with automatic entry and calculation of averages.


A training date to communicate? An event to promote? Distribute the information to your platform's users.

Follow-up assistance for B driving license

Automate the tracking and management of state aid for B driving licenses for apprentices.

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